Husky tours & sled dog excursions in Kiruna

People's reason to book a husky tour in Kiruna ...

often goes back to the historic image that was planted in our brains in early childhood by television: Bitter-sweet interpretation of the lonely trapper on long tours with his faithful huskies. Mostly driven by any heroic mission: To save the life of his best friend, to rescue a kidnapped beautiful lady or to bring medicine to his old mum. OK, sometimes maybe just the urgent need for a bottle of whisky and a pack of cigarettes.... The tough and straigt man travelling under extreme conditions on his dog sled in picturesque landscape. Caring about each single husky in his team like it would be a part of his own body. Cool! The reality is often looking different: Whenever and whereever lifestock is kept with commercial background, a darker side of business is often closer as you might see... Below you can find a choice of husky tours in Kiruna that was selected mainly after one criterion: These excursions are conducted by tour operators with long experience that LIKE DOGS AND TREAT THEIR HUSKIES WELL! You can enjoy your ride with pure concience.

Welcome to Kiruna!

The bucket-list husky tour

We agree - a husky tour is an absolute must for visitors to Kiruna. One of the most genuine actvities to do up here. You can choose between driving an own dog team yourself or sitting comfortable on the guide's sled. For more info & booking click here

The overnight husky tour

Danger - this could be your first step into addiction! After only short time you'll recognize that it works. Yes, they pull you. They like you. They like you because they can pull you. They are born to run! You'll pass the snowy forest and frozen lakes. Crossing the ice of the Torne river and sliding soundlessly on frozen swampland will give you more confidence so you will start to kick with one leg to help them to go faster. Now they like you even more since they always want to go faster. With arrival in the remote rustic wilderness camp you will have red cheeks and a wide smile on your lips. Here you're going to spend the night before they will pull you back to the husky base tomorrow. But before you can enjoy a good dinner at candlelight you'll have to say thanks to the dogs - hug them, pet them. You'll feed them. For this they'll l o v e you! Life can be so easy.To make sure if you can resist click here

A husky week tour in Kiruna

A full week of dog sledding in the forests around Kiruna means husky power unlimited. While driving your own sled pulled by 4-5 Alaskan Huskies you will feel day by day how you'll be growing together as a team. Moderate daily stages in unspoiled nature and crispy cold air; Cozy wilderness camps with wood heated stoves and candlelight; Hot saunas and good food. This is teamwork on all levels: You'll help your travelmates to chop firewood and bring water from holes in frozen lakes to the camps, you'll feed your team of huskies and help them in steep stages by kicking with one leg to push the sled. Few short steps out of the cabin at night and you might watch aurora borealis in the clear night sky. Basic life but good life. You'll be happy! Read more ...

Husky week in the mountains

North west of Kiruna the Scandinavian Mountains set a natural border to Norway. Here we find the famous Abisko National Park and Sweden's highest mountains - a breathtaking landscape that is hard to access during our sub-arctic winters. But fantastic for a week tour by dog sled and huskies! After comprehensive introduction in technical/physical aspects of driving a dog sled participants, dogs and equipment will be transferred to the greater area around Abisko. Nights in simple cabins in high alpine surroundings, dog sledding at it's finest, top trained huskies and very routined guides. HERE WE GO

10 days husky expedition

A 10 days expedition from Kiruna to the triangel Norway-Sweden-Finland. You should be fit and prior experience with dog sledding is an advantage - but no must! Find out more on our productpage

++ 3 days husky, snowmobile & aurora activity ++

We've created a combination of the "big three" on visitors' wish list: To drive a team of huskies, to ride a snowmobile and to see aurora borealis ! Choose a date between December and April from the calendar below to find out more

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